Donegal, Ireland Workshop

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May the road rise to meet you….In Donegal Ireland. 



   Join Shannon in Majestic Ireland for a two day workshop hosted by Alan Kennedy Photography.

During the two day workshop we will experience shooting lessons in the rolling grassy hills, and unique landscapes near and around Donegal (exact locations TBD).  Highly styled children and teen models will be ready to bring our vintage old world vision to life. In class you will learn Shannon’s fine art, fully hand edited post production process. Shannon will also briefly dive in to business and marketing, and how She markets her in area to support a full time profitable business.  The final evening will wrap up with a big shootout where you can practice your new skills. 





Who is this for?

    While photographers of all levels could benefit from this workshop, it is recommended that you are already knowledgable of the basic uses of layers in photoshop, as well as basic camera settings and functions of your personal camera and equipment. 



What you can expect to learn. 


      *Learn to read and balance light and shadow without the use of a flash.

      *Lens preferences for various scenes and desired looks. 

      *Using camera angles to achieve specific looks. 

      *Posing and styling

      *Problem solving when the location it conditions are less  than ideal.



     *Hand edit images from start to finish. 

     *Learn uses of adjustment layers in photoshop. 

     *Making your subject pop in post production

     *Enhancing the scene around your subject. 

     *Applying sky overlays and other small compositing techniques.


   Business and marketing

     *Learn how Shannon markets her fine art style in her area to support a profitable business.

     *Brief intro to IPS (In Person Sales) 



What to expect

   During the photo shoot portion of the workshop everyone will be broken up into smaller shooting groups. This will allow for everyone to get a better chance to shoot and capture beautiful shots without having to worry about tripping over someone else. This also helps to not overwhelm the young models. I kindly request that while someone else is shooting that you do NOT shoot and patiently await your turn.


What to bring

   You will need your camera and preferred portrait lenses. I (Shannon) prefer to always bring my 70-200mm, 135mm, and a 35mm. I shoot with a Canon body. 

 You may bring a laptop to edit along or simply a notepad for taking notes. Whichever you prefer. 





Travel and flights- 

  If you are coming in from outside of the immediate area of Donegal, all travel is your sole responsibility. I am told that it is best to flying into either Belfast or Dublin and drive the rest of the way into Donegal. Please keep in mind that if you are not from Ireland they do drive on the left side of the road. Please plan accordingly.   Shannon Toews and Shannon Squires Photography are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items or gear. I do highly recommend getting travelers insurance as well as making sure that your gear is covered under an insurance provider. I have insurance from both PPA as well as Allstate. 


After the workshop.

   Models work very hard. Their time is equally important and must be compensated for. While I will be teaching, I will also need to have images of my own of each model to compensate them for their time and efforts. I do also ask that you submit 1-3 images per model as well as tag any and all affiliates and vendor involved. 


Schedule and itinerary.  

   Workshop schedule will be released to the group no later than one week prior to the event. Please be patient as we work out the fine details to make the workshop beautiful and successful. 


Fb group-  

  All paid attendees will be added to a Facebook group. There you can find updates, schedules (once released), roommates and travel partners if desired, etc. 



  *Be kind and curious to everyone attending. Treat each other as you would like to be treated. 

  *Treat models with kindness and patience as well as their parent or chaperone. (Little eyes and ears will be in attendance).

  *Be respectful of any and all props, wardrobe and location sites. Treat everything as if it were your own. Some Items may be borrowed and or rented and will need to be returned. Should any damage occur you may be held liable, so please be respectful of all props and locations.

   * Competition and submissions to magazines are NOT allowed!! Due to the nature of the workshop and amounts of efforts that went into styling and planning, all images taken at the workshop are to be used for personal use only. Images may not be submitted to competitions, or magazines. Because the styling and productions were designed and styled by Shannon she retails the right to compete or submit her images. *Please note that these rules are also the rules for most competitions and magazines. 



Cancelation and refunds-

   Refunds-Due to the nature of the workshop, the extensive amounts of planning and reservation, deposits etc required to plan an international workshop, there are NO refunds for any reason. Should an unfortunate event take place you are welcome to sell or transfer your seat to another attendee for the equal price of which you paid. While Shannon Toews, and Shannon Squires Photography inc. do not hold any responsibility for any cancellations on the part of the attendees, every effort will be made to help the seat be filled or resold. Ultimately the transfer of the seat is the sole responsibility of the original purchaser. 


Cancelations- Should an unfortunate event occur where Shannon is unable to complete the agreed upon workshop a refund will be sent to the attendees within a 6 month window of cancellation. 




By purchasing your seat you agree to all of the above rules and terms. You also agree to being kind curious and respectful to all attendees, and any props, wardrobe and location properties. Should the rules be broken and a property is damaged you may be charged for replacement or repair. 






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