Sit down and Enjoy
Tuesday, August 02, 2016
By shannon squires photography
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There are about a million and a half blogs, posts, and articles about how guests of wedding mess up a photographers shot. This is not a post to complain about how this woman blocked "MY" shot. 
There we are in a beautiful church full of friends and family of the lovely couple. Dad and bride are holding back tears as dad gives the bride to the young man who will take over his roll as her provider, and protector. Or at least I think thats what was happening. From where I was, it was hard to tell because this guest jumped up in the middle of the aisle and blocked this shot. Lets be real...This image, even unobstructed won't be going on my walls, it wont be going in wedding album for me to look back on, it probably won't even be going into my portfolio. After the editing is done, I most likely will never see this image again. However, the couple will... or at least they would have. This lady didn't ruin "MY" shot, she ruined THEIR shot. She ruined it for the couple and the father of the bride who has looked forward to this day for soooo long. 
Usually when things like this happen I generally give the person a courtesy 15 seconds to grab a quick pic and get back into their seat. Which most do. I know that weddings are a special day for not only the immediate families, but the other guests as well. Everyone travels from long distances, possibly using their valuable vacations time to be there. You made the cut on a guest list that took months to make. So of course the bride and groom are as special to you as you are to them. Understandably you want photos of this eventful day. However...this woman was camping out...right in the middle of the church. The courtesy 15 seconds passed by, then another 15. I actually had to go and tap her shoulder to move from the isle back to her seat. I'm convinced she might have stayed the whole ceremony if I hadn't asked her to sit. Because of her need for a grainy cell phone picture, that most likely will never get printed, the bride and groom and the father of the bride missed out on this image. No teary eyed image of dad kissing her cheek, no firm heartfelt handshake with the groom, no first look into her grooms eye. You have ruined this photo for them, for their future children and grandchildren, because I hardly doubt your cell phone could have gotten a better picture than the $2400 lens on my $3000 camera. Just sayin!
So dear valued and very important guest. You have been invited to share in a special day. You are so loved and important that you made the cut on the guest list. Please reciprocate that love, and value that they have hired a professional to photograph every part of this important day. Please stay in your seats, please don't shove your ipad down the middle of the isle, and please be mindful or the the photographers that they are paying to be there. Sit back and enjoy the ceremony and save the phone pictures for the reception. Don't do it for the photographer. Do it for the Bride and Groom, because if you don't, I will post a blurry image of your rear end on social media. 

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