Oh those views! My first year in Colorado!
Tuesday, April 17, 2018
By shannon squires photography
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Our move to Colorado was a bit of a surprise and a small leap of faith on our part. After 10 years in the Sacramento area being a family and children photographer, it was a daunting task to rebuild this business all over again in a new city. Scary to say the least. Years of working so hard was finally starting to pay off, only to pack it all up and pray it does well in Colorado. I had truly loved and adored my all of my clients back in California. All of whom I still miss greatly. I shared in all of the best moments of their lives; weddings, starting new families, watched children grow, seeing children grow up to graduate, couples becoming parents for the first time, celebrated first birthdays, witnessed adoptions, and truly all the best moments of life I get to capture.
Motivated to make this a somewhat seamless transition, I dove in. I was eager to start this journey in Colorado Springs and meet new clients who’s lives I could share in and create memorable art for. I have since been a busy girl! I have joint the local photographer guild for professional photographers, I continue to compete in Image comp with the Professional Photographers of America, I have been to Ohio Twice, and I will be headed to Kentucky in June and Sacramento in the fall for my workshop. I arranged a food can drive during Halloween for my community, trading cans for photos of their child in their costume. I recently did my first Little Bear petite sessions, with my Butterfly sessions coming in June. I have partnered with Summerana photoshop actions by providing video tutorials for members. In this short year I worked with Jerome who was here all the way from France with Cirque Du Soleil, I’ve photographed many talented models and wonderful new loyal clients and friends. I’ve photographed newborns (twins even), children, families, and seniors photos. One of my favorite project so far had been my unique beauty series with Alopecia model Cayla Harder. Cayla came all the way from California to work to create these photos with me. I am so blessed by the continued support of the boutiques and designers who continue to help me bring my visions to life.

One thing I quickly noticed was the expansive views here. Anywhere I looked there was an incredible view. Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, the dense Black Forest, the marshy Fountain nature preserve, Cheyenne mountain, and so much more. I have actually expanded my lens choices to work with capturing the beautiful views.
It has been a beautiful year, and Colorado has been so welcoming to me. I am looking forward to many more years of creating art for the wonderful people I have met already, those traveling to the area, and the many more clients I will get to share my art with.

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