Friday, October 07, 2016
By shannon squires photography
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Faith Trust and Pixie Dust

In the midst of the everyday grind of smashed up Cheerios, endless diaper changes and the nightly inquiry of "What do you want for dinner?", We somehow lose our belief that magic still exists. Or at least I did.

As I packed my bags for the Neverland Photographers Retreat, I daydreamed of two amazing nights of sleep that I would get in a bed all to myself... A hot plate of food with no little hands reaching for it.. and somewhere in between those two luxuries, maybe get a few great shots for my portfolio.

I have always believed that innocence and magic always remains in a child's mind. But along the way, I somehow forgot that adults can visit Neverland and enjoy the magic that only exists in a world of pretend.

Every photographer goes through waves of endless inspiration and sometimes creative burn out. But what inspires you again? How do you revive and continue to produce art when you don't feel the magic anymore?

Excited to get inspired before the busy fall season, I headed to Neverland. Neverland is where magic always exists and you never forget to pretend or have adventures. Where every turn holds an epic battle between pirates and lost boys, enchanting fairies light up the forest, and mythical mermaids sunbathe on boulders.

In the end, my trip offered more than just a cozy bed to myself. It gave me back my magical outlook, some pixie dust with a little extra sparkle and a new take on my business and the magic I want to bring to my clients.

Come with me to my Neverland. I hope it brings you back to your days of whimsy, magic and adventure the way it did for me.

Eight incredibly talented photographers came together to create Neverland on the shores of Lake Tahoe. I am so grateful to have been able to meet these ladies that I have admired for so long. Thank you @Stephanie Lemmon, Sally Kate, Robin Chaves, Jackie, Katie Andelman, Lindsey Lee, Shalonda, Shelby for sending me home with a little bit of magic and the knowledge that my pixie dust never actually ran out. It's just been in storage for a bit.


Stephanie Lemmon/ LemmonMade Photography-

Katie Andelman/ Katie Andelman Photography-

Lee/ Lindsey Lee Photography-

Jackie Baughman/ Cream n Cocoa Photography-

Sally Molhoek/ Sally Kate Photography-

Robin Chavez/ Robin Chaves photography-

Shalonda Chaddock/ ChubbyCheeks Photography-

Shelby Robinson/ Shelby Robinson Photography-

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Shannon squires - Thanks Krissy!
Shannon squires - Thank you Danyelle.
Krissy - These are absolutely stunning Shannon. So much creativity and talent! Your little models and the costume/makeup are amazing as well.
danyelle beal - You're so good Shannon!